News Release2017/11/06

Sanipak Company of Japan donated halloween garbage bag to the Operation Zero Garbage Halloween in Shibuya Committee and five local institutions (a nursery school, a kindergarten, two workshops for disabled people and an association of stores in Shibuya).

Here is a shot with the team members of Operation Zero Garbage Halloween in Shibuya. (From left to right: Deputy Manager Mr. Maki and Manager Mr. Kitahara of the Environmental Conservation Division, Shibuya-ku, Ms. Nishizuka, Green Apple, and General Manager Murayama of the Corporate Planning Division and Deputy Manager Koshio of the Corporate Planning Department, Sanipak)

Sanipak volunteers distributed Halloween garbage bags at the Eco Stations set up near Shibuya Station.

Early in the morning of November 1, volunteers cleaned up after Halloween. Large volumes of garbage were gathered at the Eco Stations.

Users can access a special pagethrough the barcode printed on the halloween garbage bag where they can view a “thank you for your cooperation” message and an animated Halloween film.